Helping You Give By Caring For Our Global Community
Welcome to CHARITYatm Foundation. CHARITYatm Foundation is the concerted effort of the banking and financial communities to help CHARITIES help themselves. As a consumer, we know that you have a choice as to which financial institution you may use for your ABM banking needs. So, when you are looking for cash from a bank machine. Just don't choose any bank machine, please choose one with the CHARITYatm Foundation sticker. It will cost you no more than going to any other ABM system but the value towards your community will make a great difference.

You can help too. Ask your financial institution to make their machines a CHARITYatm Foundation donor machine. They are donating only a few pennies per transaction but they add up.

If you're a charity or financial institution with ABM machines in Canada, find out how you can become a member! If you are a consumer, try to make it a point to use only machines with the CHARITYatm Foundation logo on them.

Please take a few moments and look around at our web site. Our list of charities, locations, and other information can be easily viewed by everyone.

Thank you,

CHARITYatm Foundation